Playing Ark? Try This Server Host

There are a lot of server hosts out there these days, but the problem is that not all of them are optimized for the games that you want to play. In a lot of cases, they are very generic servers hosted in data centers that can be re-purposed for any game. What you really want is a server that’s catered to your game – in this case, Ark.

If you want to rent ark server, then you’ll want a host that builds servers specifically to the game. This requires calibrating the cpu and memory specs to the needs of the game so that you reduce the bottleneck, and you can maximize your experience and FPS due to the configuration. Without the proper configuration, sometimes there will be FPS drops or even lag spikes because there is an unnecessary bottleneck.

Most hosts are actually a VPS, but you’ll want to get a dedicated server to handle your gaming needs. The dedicated server ensures that no other games or applications are running and it also helps ensure a proper configuration because it isn’t a multi-purpose machine.

In addition to configuration, location is important. You’ll want a data center that’s nearest your ideal location to reduce latency. Your data center should also include proper switches to give you the best throughput and firewall/DDoS protection so that your server won’t be susceptible to outside attacks. These DDoS attacks are generally the cause of most outages, especially during tournament styled games.

When it comes to game server hosting, you get what you pay for. Don’t skimp on the quality of your server. In some cases you can even get them for free or cheap for a trial. If you can, bang on it as hard as you can and get many people playing so that you can really test the robustness. In other cases, they’ll have some test servers already online that you can get your buddies on and try it out. Be sure to also check out reviews and already existing communities using the provider so that you know that it’s a good setup.

As always, have fun, don’t suck, don’t die. Choose wisely and enjoy gaming. Choose the right ark server hosting.